International Packing Services

Customized International Packing Services

At instant international logistics, we provide a wide range of international packing services according to customer demands and budget. Suppose you are moving to another country or your desired destination. In that case, you should need a well reputable global packing company who pack your all house items in the best packing material.

 Instant international logistics offer full services move with Packing and tailor-made crafting services for your goods’ safety. Airfreight & shipment travelling is the long way to professional moving and packing team for an international move and protecting your precious items.

Our professional packing team will pre-wrap your valuable and delicate items such as china, glassware, knick-knacks and figurines with bubble wrap then pack safely in the secure custom-made cartoons. Because we use the best packing material & safe arrival of your precious goods overseas, these things create peace in customers mind too!

We have our professional carpenters working in our warehouses for the fragile goods, and they made any size of cotton boxes only for customer’s goods safety when moving internationally. We are professionals in exporting in heavy, precious materials, statues, clocks, fine arts, paintings, chandeliers, delicate china items and much more for customer satisfaction.
If you want an international packing trip with having fragile house items, please let us know we shall provide foreign Packing at reasonable prices.


Our Services

We provide an overseas packing list for your soft and bulky items. We provide double Packing and tailor-made cotton services for your valuable items such as furniture items and electronic items. We recommended our best furniture wrapping services that carefully pack your sofa, table, china cabinet, dresser, or another furniture item to protect them from scratches and tears.

Air Cargo Packing

With Instant International logistics air freight transport, your house items will be delivered more quickly with best packing methods. We provide full Packing for an international trip or packing for over areas travel.

Sea Cargo Packing

Suppose you are going internationally for your business purposes and want to avail the services for international vacations packing. We are the best in every type of international packing services with best quality packing material.

Domestic Cargo Packing

Packing and moving are stressful, so if your Packing is smart, your move becomes very comfortable. Our packing professionals offer custom-made packing services for domestic cargo at affordable rates.

Environment-Friendly Packing Materials

Instant International logistics are specialized in exporting packing materials which are very environment friendly. If you need international trip packing list services, we offer outstanding international packing services with extra care for your satisfaction. Our experts take great care to ensure that your house items are protected during the international moving process. Our team takes full precautionary measure to protect your carpets, floors, bannisters, and doors to prevent damage.

Safe international Packing

At instant logistics, we provide safe packing services for those going abroad for their business purposes. Our experts offer services for all house items, either it is soft goods or heavy. High-quality packing material means that safe moving to other cities.


Fast and Reliable Packing

If you have your moving convenience, then it’s okay. Otherwise, we offer moving services for all your house items. After packing our goods, we move them to all reputable countries with cost-effective rates. We promise faster Packing and package delivery experience.


Reasonable International Packing

We have reasonable rates for all the high-quality packing material compared to other international Packing and moving companies. Committed staff, best services, & faster moving experience, Instant logistics services will give you all things at low rates.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Our logistics company have a strong portfolio because we had done many successful international moving projects. We have all reliable transportation modes, and customers feel happy from our services.